The Village of Holašovice in the Context of South Bohemian Rural Architecture

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The Bohemian south is the epitome of the rural environment that retains a certain harmony more than other regions of the Czech Republic, based on the preservation of historic spatial pattern and the enduring natural sense for the symbiosis of architecture and landscape. The evidence is not only the seventy-one South Bohemian village conservation areas and protection zones, but also the inscription of Holašovice as a site on the UNESCO List of World Cultural and Natural Heritage (by the registration decree of 5 December 1998). The catalogue of the exhibition that was published on the 20th anniversary of this inscription captures the complexity of South Bohemian rural architecture and introduces individual regions with their typical elements documented by specific preserved buildings.


The Land of Rural Farmsteads [Pavel Hájek] 

  • Rural cultural landscape [Marek Ehrlich] 
  • The spatial pattern of the South Bohemian village [Klára Pešková, Gabriela Šťastná] 

The Historic Village of Holašovice [Michaela Špinarová, Daniel Šnejd] 

The South Bohemian Rural Architecture

  • The Foothills of the Blanský Forest [Zdeňka Kočková] 
  • The Soběslav-Veselí Blata Region [Pavel Hájek, Miroslav Pikous] 
  • The Ševětín Region [Pavel Hájek]
  • The Zbudov-Hluboká Blata Region [Pavel Hájek] 
  • Southern and Central Písek Regions [Pavel Hájek] 
  • The Work of Jakub Bursa in the Regions of Vlachovo Březí and Volyně [Jana Štorková]
  • The Strakonice Region [Zdeňka Kočková] 
  • The Regions of Třeboň and Weitra [Jakub Drozda] 
  • The Jindřichův Hradec and Nová Bystřice Regions [Jakub Drozda] 
  • Doudleby Area [Daniel Šnejd] 
  • Empire-style Houses in the Sedlice Region [Jana Štorková]
  • Vierkants [Daniel Šnejd] 
  • The Mladá Vožice Region [Pavel Hájek] 
  • Timber Architecture of the Northern Písek and Tábor Regions [Jana Štorková] 
  • Timbered Houses in Šumava [Eva Zuzáková] 
  • Houses in Volary [Eva Zuzáková] 
  • Pre-industrial Buildings [Jakub Drozda] 


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